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Pridemark Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business with a strong commitment to excellence. After being cheated by unreliable and untrustworthy contractors ourselves, we vowed to make a change in the industry and make home-improvements, repairs, and general maintenance less stressful and more enjoyable for homeowners.

For most of us, our homes hold all of our hopes and dreams. When we are young, we dream about owning our own space one day and making it something that we are proud of. It’s a huge accomplishment when that day comes and trusting a company with something that is so dear can be scary. Finding out that that company is nothing that they claimed to be can be even scarier. Our goal at Pridemark is to make our customers’ experience not only easy, but enjoyable. Nothing makes us happier than hearing another customer tell us that they feel like they are in good hands when we show up at their door.

With Tonya being an award-winning photographer and Donnie spending 17 years in a demanding Saturation Diving career, our perfectionist attitudes are what keep our customers referring back to us time and time again. To us, quality and service means meticulous attention to detail, respecting your property, and always following through with our commitment to excellence. We take pride in providing our customers with high quality plumbing work that’s built to last. When you choose Pridemark Plumbing, you choose reliability and professionalism that can not be beat.

AZ ROC # 319398 CR37
Bonded & Insured

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